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Worship: For You and The World

I find myself fascinated by tortured authors who commit suicide. I know its macabre, but I’m captivated by people who are both incredibly gifted and distraught by their own personal demons. Most of them, turns out, suffer severe clinical depression of some kind. It’s the mix of their genius and depression that creates great art […]

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Tempted: When God Leads You Into the Desert

When we hear the word temptation, our minds often go to ideas of licentiousness or scandal. We think of BIG temptations — launching into a relationship we shouldn’t or taking advantage of a situation that might help us but may be unethical or illegal. Maybe more than that, when a lot of us hear the […]

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We Get To Carry Each Other

When I was 18 years old and a freshman at Abilene Christian University I heard a story which stuck with me and my friends. It’s the classic “preacher story,” and the preacher we heard deliver it is a gifted man, who either loves the story or couldn’t remember all the times and places he told […]

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