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Episode 14: Eric Metaxas on Trump, Christian Political Engagement, and 2016

John Alan Turner sits down with Best-Selling Author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, and the recently released If You Can Keep It, and radio host, Eric Metaxas about Election 2016 and his outspoken advocacy for Donald J. Trump. This is our first of occasional 1-on-1 shows when Sean or John will share or interview a compelling not-so-black-and-white thinker. hope […]

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This Is Us: Trump & Clinton Are Mirrors Not Mysteries

We can bemoan and complain about the final two major party candidates in the 2016 Presidential election, but a large part of the blame is staring us in the mirror. Regardless of who is elected, the next President will be the most disliked entering executive ever. We have to face it: Joseph de Maistre was […]

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Episode 13: The Perils of Being a Professional Christians

Are you a pastor, professor, Christian school teacher, church youth worker, children’s pastor, Executive Director of a Christian organization, or otherwise work for a Christian institution or organization? If so, your livelihood is connected to behaviors and thoughts that oftentimes has little to do with your job competency. In some cases, your competency and growth […]

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