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Lies We Believe

I recently read this quick thought from Marsha Marks’ book, If I Ignore it It will Go Away and Other Lies I thought Were True. I thought you might enjoy it. The chapter is entitled “If God is pleased with me, I won’t have hard times.”

“A man named Jesus said he was God’s son. And once, when Jesus was on earth, people saw a dove come down from heaven and go to Jesus and a voice said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” And it seemed to everyone who reported the story later that God was saying Jesus was very pleasing to him.

Yet, Jesus, as it is written, was mocked, spit on, beat down, and homeless, and he died in a place usually reserved for criminals, so I think that pretty much shoots down the lie that God won’t allow hard times to come to those who please him.”

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