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The end of the year is approaching, so we will all soon be overwhelmed with “Year’s Best” and Year In Review” television shows and print articles. Before America’s media machine gets cranking up and churning out list after list, here’s my list of books you ought to read in ’05.

“We Are All the Same: A Story of a Boy’s Courage and a Mother’s Love” by James Wooten

“More Ready Than You Realize”–Brian McLaren

“A New Kind of Christian” –Brian McLaren

“A Year with C.S. Lewis” ed. Patricia S. Klein

“The Preaching Life” –Barbara Brown Taylor

“Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple” ed. Hershel Shanks

“The Divine Conspiracy”–Dallas Willard

In the coming days, you might want to pick up one of the great reads. Trust me, you will be blessed by it!

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