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Hatching Integrity!

Every now and then something so astonishing happens that I can hardly believe it. Like many people, when this life is over, I will have several questions for God. However, the problems of pain, suffering, and death have been bumped from the top of the list. What’s at the top? How can people have such little integrity?

If you haven’t heard, Richard Hatch, the first million dollar winner form TV’s biggest reality game show ‘Survivor’ has been charged with tax evasion. You guessed it, he failed to report his million dollar earnings from ‘Survivor’.

Are you kidding me? 25 million people saw you win a million dollars and you didn’t think the IRS was gonna sniff you out! That’s like the 5-year-old who’s covered in finger paint telling his mother he doesn’t know who put the hand prints on the wall. Come on! Hatch’s feet reminds me of the bank robber who handed the teller a note demanding all the money in her register, but he had written it on the back of one of his own deposit slips. At present Hatch faces jail times and fines that would financially wipe him out.

Now I realize that the taxes on one million dollars is more money than I make in a year, but if given that lump sum, I think most of us could grin and bear the taxes. Is it that hard to have a little integrity?

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