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There’s been a lot going on recently. Our student ministry is gearing up for the summer; mission trip, camps, musical, summer youth series, tons of stuff. It’s an exciting time. This is also the time of year we say good-bye to our graduating seniors.

Yesterday our congregation celebrated its annual ‘Senior Bless.’ This is a day when our students are blessed with words, honors and gifts for who they are. It’s a great day. (I probably cry more on this Sunday than any other day of the year.)

All of that is to say that life has been a a little hectic, I haven’t had the opportunity to write in this space much…or do the needed updates on the emergentHouston blog, but I did want to give you all some updates and things to think about.

1. I’m headed to the Emergent Convention this week. Pray for safety, learning, and conversation. I’m hosting a forum at the convention, pray that goes well also.
2. Rochelle’s mom is doing well with her radiation treatments–only 30+ more treatments to go.
3. For those interested, we will be having the ‘Searching for God Knows What’ conversation this summer. I’ll announce the dates and times soon.

I hope all is well with you and yours. God Bless….

  • R Debenport

    Glad to see a new post from you – I’ve been missing your writing! Glad to hear Bev is doing pretty well, all things considered. Love and miss you guys.
    – rebecca

  • R Debenport

    Looks like the Debenports have a lot to say. I love it when I’m checking our favorite blogs and I start to comment only to see my wife has beat me to it! Anyway, Sean please post about your experience at Emergent. I would really like to read your impressions.

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