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A Useful Faith

I posted earlier this week that this Sunday’s sermon will deal with the topic of forming a useful faith; a faith that seeks to benefit the world and not just me, my family, and other well-fed American church-goers. In preparation I came back to this quote from Brian McLaren, which may or may not make the cut for this week’s message.

“…I seek to develop virtues not just for my own benefit, but so I can inflict less damage and more blessing on the world. I seek to better understand Scripture not just for my own sake, but so I’ll be equipped to serve God and my neighbors.” (from : A Generous Orthodoxy)

What a great thought! What if there is more to being Christian than just hanging out with other Christians and waiting for the next personal blessing?

I think there might be something to that. How about you?

  • R Debenport

    this reminds me of another B McClaren quote… “The non-religious community is increasingly assessing the goodness of a religion based on how it blesses its non-adherents.” This is a radical shift from our country club mentality in the West.

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