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Exciting Times

I get excited about the oddest things. This week it has been the impending arrival of my new 14-inch iBook G4. With it I will be able to put together better slideshows, learn video production, and a host of other things I will need without the viruses and malfunctions of a PC. This will be my first time using a MAC since my freshman year in college. I’m a little nervous but two things give me solace; (1) I love my iPod and (2) Once you go MAC you never go back–their users swear by them.

Since the laptop I’m using now is about 5 years old and quickly dying, the iBook has a lot of upgrades I’m interested in; built-in bluetooth; built-in wireless; iLife software, Microsoft for MAC, 6-hour battery life (my current Gateway has NO battery life); and best of all, MACs work! Now I can go to my local Port City Java and sip coffee, write, read, study and cruise the information super highway. Not to mention that I’ll be able to put together better, more interesting visuals and videos for teaching classes. The machine will pay for itself in video making and editing alone!

Doesn’t that get you excited?

Sure, it doesn’t! But I had to tell someone and my wife is sick to death from hearing me talk about it. If this goes well, I can see myself completely switching to Apple products.

So, how about you? What do you think? Is a MAC better than a PC? Tell me what you think.

  • daniel greeson

    oh oh, i cant wait to switch. i hate my pcs.

  • CL

    Sean, That gets me very excited. I am really jealous. There is nothing I would like more than to order one of those bad boys for myself. OK, you got it out of me. WHEW!

  • Jonathan

    Oh my goah Sean! You hadn’t told me yet! I’m sooo excited for you!


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