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I’m back at my local Port City Java today. I’m supposed to be studying but my cell phone keeps ringing and the coffee is awful today. It’s amazing how different the same cup of coffee can be depending on who makes it. Today I got the weekend people.

Anyway, I meant to be away at the New Wineskins Retreat this weekend hearing and talking about racial reconciliation. Alas, a busy schedule and gas prices have conspired against me. I trust that the good people presenting and attending the weekend’s retreat are being blessed by their time there.

If you haven’t yet checked out our emergentHouston blog, you should, A new friend of mine, Bart Robarts, is working diligently on the page, updating it constantly and making it look cooler than I ever could. We hope to have another local Houston gathering early next month. The Emergent conversation is no silver bullet for the church, but it is a conversation that religious and spiritual leaders should seriously look into.

I’m currently prepping for a study of the book of Revelation. It has so much to say about how we live as faithful people in the face of empire and humanity’s natural tendency to side and worship government over God. Perhaps Pat Robertson should read it. It also speaks powerfully for those of us trying to sort of God in a life fillied with pain, persecution and heartache.

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