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Get Well Soon

When your wife is sick you realize again just how lucky you are–not to mention how lazy you are. Rochelle came home from work yesterday (the only day she works) and felt awful. Earlier this week, she (as I might expect her to do) spent the day keeping her friend’s children, while their parents were at the hospital visiting a relative. Well, the couple’s young son got sick and Rochelle got sick, too. It’s not bad (which is easy for me to say), it’s only a cold. But it’s bad enough that I have had to realize again just how good I have it.

For instance, I can’t cook. When Ro is sick, we eat out or eat badly. I hate cleaning. Rochelle hates it too, but she’ll still do it. Malia likes to play more than any one parent can handle. I was with Malia all day yesterday and I was exhausted. How does Rochelle do it? How does she take care of an toddler and someone else who doesn’t act much older?

Suffice it to say that I’m already thinking about ways to bless my wife for Valentine’s Day. She deserves a better life than I am able to give her. I’m grateful that she puts up with all my little quirks and oddness.

A few years ago I bought a book entitled, “1,000 Ways To Say ‘I Love You'”. Well, I hated that book, so I’ll do the best I can: Rochelle I love you. Get well soon…like before dinner.

  • R Debenport

    sorry Ro is sick – hope she gets well soon so that you can have a clean house and a good dinner – oh and also so that Malia will have BOTH playmates back – oh and also so that she’ll actually feel better 🙂
    (will we get to see Malia in Malibu?)

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