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Some time ago, I posted that I had significant news coming. I delayed in posting the news, and then I forgot about posting it. A few people have asked me if I was leaving Houston. At present I am not. But to answer the questions, I am now releasing the news.

I have been asked to play a small role in the publication of a new Bible translation: The Voice. The Voice is a dramatic re-telling of scripture. The process begins with writers and will conclude with theologians and academics making sure we didn’t drive the train off the tracks. This is the opposite of how most translations are done. We are trying to capture the story of scripture, the beauty, the genres of the text, the emotion, the artistry. The Voice will be released in stages. The first stage (book) is called, The Last Eyewitnesses. Currently, you can order a copy at Amazon.com. I think it’s between $11-$14. You may also visit the website www.hearthevoice.com, which will have some of the major writers listed (Chris Seay, Lauren Winner, Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, etc…)

I am working with a few Psalms. They were due yesterday, but I’m still hammering out some of the language–what can I say, it’s an extremely busy time.

Anyway, thought you all might want to know. Plus, keep your eyes open for future publications, all proceeds go to further the message of Jesus across the globe.

  • ClayMan


    Watch out Max McLean – here comes Sean Palmer!

    That’s awesome, bro!

    Hey – don’t you leave Houston, either! We may have to follow you…

  • Nick Liao

    that’s great news, sean. i’ve been looking forward to the first volume and the music project. let us know how your part turns out!


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