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This weekend, while I was lying sick in my LA-Z-BOY, I wrote a brilliant, thoughtful and sensitive post for this blog about Rev. Ted Haggard. In the post I wrote about ways to think about all this if the allegations made by male prostitute, Mike Jones, concerning Haggard were true and ways to think if they were false. It ended discussing the nature of people to sometimes go to public battle about private issues–our way of taking a battle that we are fighting on the inside to others in the hopes that defeating it outside us would help us defeat it within us.

Since I started that post more information about Haggard has been exposed and to post that blog now, knowing what we think we know, would seem silly.

One thing I can say is that the Haggard situation, regardless of what you think of him or drug-use or homosexuality or politically involved evangelicals, is just sad. It’s sad for Haggard, his wife, their five kids, their 14,000 member church, Mike Jones (a man who made a living as a male prostitute and drug procurer), the church, the witness of Jesus, and everybody else. Heck, I’ve felt sad about it all weekend and I don’t know the man or anybody that he knows. It’s all so terribly sad.

Out of Ur–a blog hosted by Christianity Today and one of my daily reads–has posted a thoughtful article about Haggard. Read it here.

  • R Debenport

    Of all the weeks I could have chosen to visit Colorado Springs, I chose the big scandal week. I worshiped at a Calvary Chapel with my friends on Sunday and I was glad that they took time to pray for Haggard and his family. Everyone in town is talking about this of course. Today I overheard a couple of ladies discussing whether they should change churches. Sunday I met another couple who joined us at Calvary Chapel that day instead of going to New Life, where they normally attend. Mass exodus. That’s the immediate impact that I’m seeing. People are trying to determine if they should depart the New Life church. What does that say about us as Christians? I have sympathy for people who want to leave. I’ve felt those feelings before after a similar ethical and moral lapse of leadership. But what does this say about us?

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