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Words are Powerful

Well, it’s done.

Today Barack Obama announced that he is forming an “exploratory committee” for a presidential run. Now, I know almost nothing about Barack — and this is not a political blog — but I do know that as we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday and with Obama’s announcement today, that the spoken word is powerful. Hardly anyone outside of Illinois knows much about Obama, which is what makes him a attractive candidate to so many, but what we do know is that his speech stole the show at the last Democratic National Convention. People have always responded to uplifting, powerful words spoken with grace and dignity. Barack is now running for president based largely on the delivery of one speech. That’s not to suggest he is not qualified, but rather a reminder to those of us who speak for a living, that worlds can and do change when the right words are used at the right time and used in the right way.

As one theologian has said, “Words create worlds.”

A good word, spoken with passion, life and hope can change the world.

Just think, when God created the world, He did so with words.The gospel of John captures this beautifully, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Or as Genesis puts it, “…then God said…”

Let us all choose our words carefully! And speak them with grace!

  • Simpsongirl

    Yes, Sean, words are powerful! They can build and destroy, encourage and discourage. Great reminder and awesome post.

    Interesting about Obama…

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