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Church Shopping – King of the Hill

You owe it to yourself to watch this video. There is so much that can be said about this, but I will refrain. Your own reflections will be commentary enough.

  • Sean

    Favorite line: “I happen to know it’s asinine.”

  • R Debenport

    my favorite line: “My church is made of steel.” this vid is going on my blog.

  • ClayMan

    Umm – ‘Nuff said. “I worship when I’m drinkin’ a beer.”

    I think I know that guy…

  • Simpsongirl

    Hysterical. And you are right, there is a lot there. Love the tram at the mega-church. And, the “Bread of Life Bakery” in the background. Ha! So…the answer is baked goods, huh? Has it really come down to scones?

  • John Mark

    Excellent. I swiped this for my blog too.

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