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This video really captures much of the state-of-the-church. Like many things, it’s funny because it is true.

For readers of this blog, I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about the commercialization of the church. You know all too well the temptation of churches to offer more and more religious goods and services in the hopes of drawing people, not to Jesus, but to the empires we are building; to be successful by worldly standards.

The question is how do we move ourselves, our churches and pre-Christians away from a “me-orientation” toward missional living.

Anyway enjoy the video!

  • simpsongirl

    One of my favorites! “There is none like me…” Too funny. And poignant, especially for those of us who serve in a more public way. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Katie

    congrats on the birth of Katharine! that’s a great name! but i spell mine katherine.

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