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77% Dixie!

Here’s a little fun for your weekend!

My brother sent me an e-mail forward – which I usually hate – but for some reason I followed the link on this one. It was the “Yankee or Dixie Quiz”. Basically, you answer a set of questions about words and pronunciations you us and at the end it spits out a score.

Apparently, I’m 77% Dixie! That means I’m pretty heavily southeastern. That stands to reason given that I’ve only lived in Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. If you get a chance, you should click over and see what you are. It’s pretty fun!

  • 70% Dixie. I guess I would have been 77%, but I don’t use a double boiler for my banana pudding. That pushed me toward the Yankee side I guess. 🙂

  • Dang! For someone who didn’t move to the South ’till I was 13, I beat both y’all Native Southerners! 82% Dixie! Woohoo!

    ‘Course, “What’s that road along an Interstate highway?” was a Houston and Great Lakes word…

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