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I’m off to New Orleans, The Big Easy, for a quick day trip to scout out locations where we’ll be doing some rebuilding work this summer with a group from our church. My friend, Jeff Brooks is leading a group there this summer as well, so we are going together to split the cost.

One of the fundamental tenets of Scripture is the renewal of all things. New Orleans, like many places in our world is in desperate need to renewal and resurrection. I think one of the ways Christians can live missionally in our world is to look for places in the world that they can enter and bring resurrection to. Parks, lives, neighborhoods, cities, all need resurrection. After all, Jesus does make all things new.


The Spurs looked good last night, event though Duncan broke his streak of playoff games with at least 20+ points. They’re going all the way, baby!


I was thinking about taking a group of folks from church to see the Astros this summer, but I am pledged to not do anything to depress my congregants.

  • Zach Snyder

    Well, Sean, it could be worse: I’m taking my kids to a Rangers game.

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