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The Sky Is Falling – Still

More from Alan Roxburgh’s book, The Sky is Falling.

“Hope for the church is not found in methods of retaking the culture and remaking Christian life, nor is adapting the church to match some form of postmodern life; it is found in a readiness to live in the midst of a church that languishes where there are few answers but the possibility of again hearing God’s word as it directly addresses us today.”


“Religious frameworks have been split off from the larger public order of life. Religion is privatized and individualized; it is not viewed as a resource for meaning and action outside personal, inner, individual experience. Christianity is not longer communal. Religion has become a consumer product repackaged to meet the needs of the self, not to provide a transcendent framework of meaning larger than the self.”


“There is no other time or place which God has called us to live but this one.”

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