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I’m in New Orleans this week working with Operation Nehemiah — an organization working to rebuild both the city and the people who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina nearly two years ago. Though  it’s been two years there is much still to be done here and some of the stories told are heartbreaking. Please remember the people attempting to rebuild and recover.

We went tonight to have stuffed sno-cones. They are sno-cones filled with ice-cream. Interesting. Fattening!


Saw “The Bourne Ultimatum” last weekend (I’ve seen 5 movies this summer. A record for me, even though I wish I could get my money back for Transformers.) Bourne is a great movie. There can’t be 200 lines of dialog in the entire film. Wall-to-wall action! Gotta love it.


Reading about 5 books right now. Sitting next to me is Mark Yaconelli’s “Contemplative Youth Ministry.”If you have or work with teens you should pick it up.

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