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The Psalm of Malia

p8120033.jpgPeople think I’m kidding when I tell them that my 3-year-old daughter Malia is the great theologian in our family. It’s true nonetheless.

This last Friday, as Malia was sitting at my desk typing, this is the Psalm she wrote: (She actually spoke it, her mom transcribed it. And, yes, she actually said this.)

“God, the Holy Father, All his people come to the
table to worship.
God, the Holy Father, Praise his name forevermore.
Holy Father, Make my heart good. God, will all your
strength and might. I do bad things, no matter what,
you will take care of me always.

People of my life, for the holy highest, Praise His
His will comes for us, goodness in our heart
For the goodness of God, His Holy Highest is with me.
God is my strength forevermore. Praise his name.
The holy highest forgives us of our sins.
Forgiveness. Forgiveness.
Our hearts are dead, our hearts are alive. People in
our hearts live, our heart of love. For God, the Holy
Highest is with me.
Thanks for God.
Thanks for God.


  • Awesome . . . out of the mouths of children He has ordained praise!

  • This is truly an inspired Psalm, Sean! Thanks to Rochelle for getting it on paper. I’m putting this on my wall next to other quotes by Simone Weil, Claiborne and Bono. Excellent.

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