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Have It All?

I’m notorious for being hard on TV preachers. And I’m hardest on those that always seem to be telling us that if we send them money (a seed), or pay $300/ person to register for their conference then God will bless us and make us rich. They tell us that we can have everything if we just do this one thing or that one thing; that God is waiting to make us millionaires with great families and that if we only thought right we could have our best life now. Today though, I am sad for Paula and Randy White. The couple, founders and pastors of Without Walls International, are getting divorced — the second divorce for both.

Divorce is almost always bad! And I feel for what they are going through. I remember when my parents got divorced and that process is not fun for anyone. But as I checked Paula’s website this morning I was taken aback by the front page which had a picture of Paula, arms outstretched with a banner reading, “You Can Have it All” and below it a box labeled, “Let Me Show You How.”


Isn’t it time that Christians get real with the world about the gospel. The gospel is a beautiful, challenging, rewarding, thing but it never promises to be a silver bullet. The gospel never promises to give you a BMW, a large house in a gated community, the finest clothes, a lively, lovely marriage and kids who never rebel. It just doesn’t!

God never promises us that we can have it all!

And we’d likely be a horrible people if He did.

And lo and behold, Paula White, and no one else for that matter, can “show you how.”

When you get the gospel, you get Jesus. That’s it! Certainly Jesus affects your finances and family, but the call of God is typically about sacrifice and calling more than consumption. With Jesus you get meaning not materialism. With God you get an accurate view of the world; its needs and God’s desire to love and save it, and rarely does that have anything to do with whether or not someone drives a Lexus or a Honda.

Perhaps God is not interested in us having it all, perhaps He is interested in us knowing what’s worth having.

  • People do talk a lot about God’s promises these days… then proceed to take God’s words completely out of context and turn them into promises. That’s risky business.

    I relate more with Claiborne’s perspective: “But me, I had it together. I used to be cool. And then I met Jesus and he wrecked my life. The more I read the gospel, the more it messed me up, turning everything I believed in, valued and hoped for upside-down. I am still recovering from my conversion.”

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