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Some people may ask, “Why give up drinks when I can just write a check to Living Water?” Here’s the reason: Sacrificial Giving!

For the vast majority of people I know, it is almost impossible for us to give sacrificially. Yet this is the kind of giving that is highlighted and celebrated in scripture time and time again. We are all so wealthy, so blessed that even when we give away large sums of money we either don’t miss it or readily have savings to replace what we gave. It’s hard — very hard — for us to go without. And because of it, we simply do not know how to sacrifice. It’s not necessarily our fault. We’ve never had to do it! And because we’ve never had to, we miss the God-experience that both the biblical writers and our early Christian fathers and mothers had.

So we have to look!

We have to look for creative ways to experience what was so central to Biblical worship, because sacrifice is a foreign tongue to us. So here’s the challenge: In what ways can we step into a fuller worship of God, by living and giving sacrificially?

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