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Living Water – Final

I had a Coke Zero this afternoon. Our family, along with just a few others from our congregation were able to make it two weeks drinking only water as part of The H2O Project! Others in the church made it a week and some just 2 or 3 days. This morning our collection netted over $6,000 dollars.

I’m proud of what our efforts will net! Many people will have water and live disease free because of the efforts of one church.


Since I’ve moved The Palmer Perspective to WordPress a number of my friends have made the move as well. For good reason too. You can moderate comments more easily. I saw this afternoon that one blog I read had been hit by another blogger who has an agenda for disavowing the divinity of Christ. This one particular blogger looks for blogs that have something to say about the virgin birth, then leaves comments trying to go all“DaVinci Code” on everyone. In fact, this blogger has been banned from commenting on at least one blog already. Just a reminder: Be careful what you listen to (or read).


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