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Living in Crisis

I’m spending this week with Dr. Virgil Fry discussing theology and ministry in times of crisis. Virgil is a hospital chaplain, actually the Executive Director of LifeLine Chaplaincy. I don’t know very well, but Virgil has long been a hero of mine, and I’m astounded by people who can walk others through pain, crisis and difficulty.


I don’t blog about politics very often, with the previous post being an exception, because I aware of the danger of “e-communication.” Yesterday, my mother-in-law received a lie-filled e-mail about a presidential candidate, and Saturday I got a recorded phone call from a candidate raising funds by arguing falsehoods about another candidate. We do live in a technologically advanced world, don’t we.

All that to say this: Be careful what you read, learn, and forward on e-mail and the internet. Make sure it’s true and make sure it reflects the life and teachings of Jesus.

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