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Off The Tracks

Do ever feel as if your life has come off the tracks?

Right now, there are hints of derailment going on at our home. First, my wife, Rochelle pulled her Achilles and is in the third week of a six week confinement to a boot and crutches. Second, her mother, who was here to help with our kids, had to be rushed to the ER with a rapid heart beat. And third, Saturday night, our garage door literally came off the tracks. It took me and two of my neighbors and hour and a half to eventually pull the door down and we about had to nearly break the door to get it down.

My mom used to say of tough times, “When it rains it pours.” That seems true this summer. This spring we had a fabulous summer planned for the family, and at each turn more and more of it seems to be coming off the tracks. Sadly, our eldest daughter, Malia, keeps asking her mom, “When are we going to the beach?”

Nevertheless, we are striving to not complain too much. Even in the difficult times, Ro and I feel as if we’ve been very blessed. We continually talk with our girls about forming a “toughness groove” — a mental attitude that can take whatever life dishes out without whining or complaining. Well now is the time for us to use our toughness groove, pray that everyone heals well, and get the failing things of life back on track.

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