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My brother, Richard, will soon be lining up in Raleigh, NC for his new iPhone 3G. I will not. Since my beloved Apple and their ill-advised choice for partnership, AT&T, have chosen to cut me out of the iPhone by offering it at “special” pricing (see previous post), I will simply keep rockin’ my Samsung.

The frenzy over the new iPhone is something to behold. Just “Google” the phrase “iPhone blog” and you’ll get a taste of the craziness. Sorry AT&T, your greed for $200 extra dollars from me is now costing you $440. Good business move!


During the last week I’ve flirted with Twitter as I couldn’t sleep. It’s an interesting concept. One question though: What makes us think that other people want to know what we’re doing every minute of the day? Try and tell me what you think.


If you’re on Facebook tell me something: Are all your “friends” really your friends? I think Facebook friends should be real, actual friends. Some folks are simply collectors.

  • Rebecca

    okay, about Twitter, I wonder the same thing. Of course, I also once wondered why I’d want to read another person’s random thoughts and why anyone would want to read my random thoughts (aka the blog) . . . but somehow I do. And as for Facebook, I knew early on that I didn’t want to be one of those people with hundreds of friends because really, I just don’t have that many real-life friends. And like you said, I want my FB friends to be my real friends. And so I ignore friend requests from people I don’t know even if we share 20 mutual friends. But I’m still unsure of what to do with all the friend requests I get from acquaintances. I’m not sure of the FB etiquette – is it rude to ignore the requests since I do actually know the person?? Once I ignored one from a kid in the youth group in Phx but then I just got another request from her a few days later so I caved and accepted. So now I have quite a few acquaintances that are my FB friends because I don’t want to be rude and ignore them. But really I just think they’re collectors – I mean if we’re not really friends in real life, I’m not sure why we’d be FB friends, ya know?? (I think this was my longest comment ever!)

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