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Missional? When?

Sorry about the light in the background. That’s what happens when you’re thinking missional at 10:30 at night.

I really am interested in your feedback, so drop me a line.

  • A “missional church” (all one phrase) is not an easy thing to answer. But what does it mean for a church to be missional?

    The answer is very simple. Reach out.

    I did have a much longer post here, but decided that wasn’t appropriate for a blog comment. So I’ll post it on my blog. And, no, I’m not trying to get free traffic….


  • Mark Love


    I like this. Cool bumper. And getting missional into bite-sized chunks is the deal. You cant define it with a bumper sticker. If you could, it wouldn’t be worth investing in as a transforming notion. Still, there have to be simple portals, windows that encourage you to walk through the door to a bigger world. This is a helpful exercise.


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