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Weekend Reflections

I spent some time yesterday with Todd Hunter, former national director for Alpha USA, who know consults and leads 3isEnough. He graciously preached for our congregation yesterday and had lunch with my wife and me plus another couple. Todd’s first book, “Christianity Beyond Belief” releases in February 2009. From all indicators, the book looks to be fabulous. What’s more, Todd had a lot of wisdom for young, rookie writers. I’ve now heard the exact same advice from both Todd Hunter and Brian McLaren. Maybe I should listen.

Todd spoke about the the post-modern, post-Christian turn and the need for churches to launch new missional initiatives lead by post-modern natives. This, I think, will be terribly difficult for many churches, but he is right on the money.


I love facebook, but I have become very distressed by my friend’s treatment of one another, and, at times, myself, concerning politics and the coming election. I’m beginning to think two things: (1) Many of us seem incapable of civil, responsible, respectful discourse, and (2) Though most of my “friends” are Christians, many seem to think that the hope of our country and the world lies in Washington rather than the Kingdom. What’s more, some seem to get the daily talking points from their political party of choice and don’t mind spewing them — with venom — on other people they say they love.


A Monday Prayer

Creator God, bless our week. We ask that our words be seasoned with your grace, that our eyes see what id truly important, that our feet carry us to those in need. Lord, may we in all things turn our hearts to you and allow you to shape are thoughts. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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