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The Cutting Room Floor

For every sermon there are lots of notes, thoughts, ideas, and stories that are left on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Stuff that there’s either not time  for or doesn’t fall within the sermon focus or function. But every now and then there’s something that is omitted during delivery of the sermon. Yesterday it was towards the sermon and I left it out intentionally (there were 2 stories intentionally omitted yesterday). The reason? As a listening/discerning community we had already arrived where we needed to go, therefore, we didn’t need anything else. 

I intended to end with the story of Carol Heath, that I read recently in Todays-Christian. If you recall, yesterday we were talking about God using our past for future glory. I think Carol’s story captures some of that. You can read it here.

To hear the entire sermon, entitled “Spin Machine,” click here.

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