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Summer Reading

Some summer reading suggestions for thought-leaders.
  • rtblaisdell

    Thank you for the suggestions! I started and finished reading Steve Farrar’s Coragious Leadership. It’s really good :} Its a study of Joshua and Caleb. Highly recommend it. Right now I’ve been reading Point Man by Farrar. Really excellent book on male spiritual leadership in the home, church, and business. And reading A Cast of Characters by Max Lucado.
    I love reading books. I’ll look up the ones you suggested. God bless you Sean! And God bless your family, and the work y’all are doing in Redwood City.

  • rtblaisdell

    Sean, correction: that first book of Farrar’s I have listed, its called Battle Ready. Its a study of Joshua and Caleb. EXCELLENT book :} Highly recommend it.
    Just wanted to correct myself there. God bless you Sean! Grace and Peace.

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