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Don’t Know Much About…Religion

There was much news yesterday that Atheist and Agnostics know more about religion than religious folks.  I didn’t find it surprising. We must remember that there are streams within Christianity that have taken the Apostle Paul’s teaching that knowledge “puffs up” to mean that it’s OK to be uniformed.

To be fair, the quiz is only 15 questions. A few of them are church history questions that have little to do with the central tenets of the faith’s they represent. In fact, there is not a single questions about Jesus or Mohammed. Seems a bit of an oversight to me.

At any rate, you can take the U.S. Religious Knowledge quiz here.

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    I got 14 out of 15 correct. I’m a Christian and have been to college. Considering that I enjoy apologetics, most of these questions were on the easy side. I would be amazed to find that “Christians” didn’t know about Moses, Job, and the Ten Commandments in general. I would also like to know what percent of the “Christians” polled went to church and read their Bibles on a regular basis or are we talking “Christians” who use the “Christian” label even though they really have nothing to do with Christianity to begin with.

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