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Unboxing the NIV 2011

Just received my new NIV 2011, which replaces the NIV 1984 (the most popular English translation ever) and the TNIV (which was better than the NIV, but ruffled some feathers). At any rate, for serious study, I still prefer the NRSV (widely thought of as “the scholar’s Bible), but for teaching and preaching on the popular level, the NIV is a safe choice (because that’s what most people have).

Here’s my unboxing:

  • Sean

    Geez, I need a haircut….

  • bms

    What NRSV Do you use for study? Just a text bible, or a study edition?

    • Sean

      Oxford Annotated Study Bible. I’ve had it for about 15 years. Couldn’t live without it.

  • Thanks for this. Just recieved the exact same Bible in the mail. Loving it so far. I am changing from ESV to new NIV.

  • bms

    What about the Oxford do you like so much? I’ve been using it for a couple years as part of my study, but it seems like I only get good stuff out of it every once in a while—but I could also not be utilizing to its full potential.

    // I just recently got the New Interpreters Study Bible (NIB Commentary is the only set I have), and have been finding it rich.

  • Jeffrey Bue

    I’m very interested in your thoughts about this NEW NIV translation. I’ve been using the 1984 translation for my Bible Study class and discovered “by accident” that Bible Gateway had “defaulted” to the 2011 version. I’ve been doing some internet searches to see what others have to say about it. I will visit your blog in the upcoming weeks to see what’s being discussed.

    Enjoyed the video.

    Jeff Bue
    Newark, Texas

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