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The Journey Ahead (Thoughts On My Resignation)

There is a fluidity to life with God. When Abraham, then Abram, met God, he listened to a voice he had never heard commanding him to go into a land he’d never been to and be a part of a plan he never asked for. Turns out, that’s how life with God is. Countless times men and women of God have been called to pick up stakes and move from one place or another. As others have said before, life is a journey.

Rochelle and I have certainly found that to be true – both literally and figuratively.

Yesterday I announced to our congregation that we have punched our tickets for the next leg of our journey together. At the end of February, we will wrap up our ministry here at Redwood Church and return to Texas.

Beginning April 1, I will become the Lead Minister for a small group of Christians, mostly out of the Restoration Movement, who are relaunching a church in Temple, TX. Since I was 20-years old God has placed on my heart a desire to be a part of building a Christian community from the ground up. We have flirted with the idea before, but never pulled the trigger.

No, I’m not one of the folks who thinks that all existing churches are dead and have no hope for growth or innovation. I am, however, one of those people who at least wants to try to do something from the ground up — whether we succeed or fail.

Across the religious spectrum there are all sorts of poor reasons for launching a church. Some folks can’t get a preaching job, others are jaded by their experiences, still others think they possess the secret sauce and if all the other churches would just do what they thought they should, then America would find revival. I hope I not one of those guys.

My prayer has always been to help unchurched people discover God. Our hope is to lean into God’s Spirit and partner with a group of folks in Temple that we quickly grow to trust and respect, to create a place for honest discussion, thoughtful exploration, reckless acceptance, and radical conversion from darkness to light. And the deadly truth about evangelism is straightforward: New churches and replants with new visions fair better.

Our new work has much going for it, but it also has many challenges, as do all churches. So I’m asking for your prayers and support.

Stay Tuned!

I love you all.

God bless.

  • Trey


    As someone who has started an entrepreneurial journey, I completely resonate with the statement: I am, however, one of those people who at least wants to try to do something from the ground up — whether we succeed or fail.

    The journey is absolutely worth it, whatever the outcome.


  • Sean,

    May this be a time of blessing for you and for those you will minister to/have ministered to.

    Grace and peace,

  • Sean,

    Blessings on the transition and call to a new ministry, as I know God will be blessing many others through you, your wife, and the group of Jesus people you’ll be launching the new church with.

    Grace and Peace,


  • zack blaisdell

    God bless you and your family as y’all transition from CA back to TX. God bless y’all as y’all finish the work y’all have been doing in CA. God bless y’all as y’all start a brand new work in TX. Sounds really exciting 🙂 God bless it.
    God bless you and your family, and the work y’all are doing for Him. Grace and Peace.

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