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A Little Encouragment For Writers

Writing turns out the be one thing we can control in a world where much feels beyond our control. Most of us will not be spearheading protest marches against the World Trade Organization, masterminding boycotts against sweatshops in China, or leading the charge against oil exploitation in Nigeria. We won’t be building orphanages for children in South Africa. But we can do what we can do.

We write. Every day we witness the degradation of much that we value.We witness sorrowful examples of unfairness, ignorance, and cruelty. We see our children educated to want all the wrong things. And so we write. We write with a sense of urgency. We write because we discover that we have something we alone can say. And we struggle on because we still believe in the power of words, just as Anne Frank believed in goodness despite powerful evidence to the contrary.”

Mary Pipher, “Writing to Change the World.”



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