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Saturday Song 2/18/12

Saturday Song is a weekly feature where I share a song that is meaningful, touching or useful to me. I’m a music lover, always looking for great new artist. So  please share what you’re listening to with our community here. I want to know what you’re listening to, so I can discover what I should be listening to. Maybe one of your favorites can become a “Saturday Song.”


Talking with one of the smartest college students I’ve known today, I was brought back to this song. Mumford & Sons, The Cave was the refrain at ACU’s High School camp, Kadesh.


What song has been speaking to you?

  • Happytheman

    Came to hear Mumford and Sons, because of my love of Laura Marling’s music and her and Marcus Mumford dated and he played on her first two albums. Hope their sophomore release matches up.

    Can anything good come out of Bakersfield? Well, my favorite release this week (and there were many of them: Shearwater, Punch Brothers, Heartless Bastards, etc.) is Bakersfield’s own Gregory Porter and his 2nd album Be Good. Man if you love Jazz Standards and I love Jazz Standards this guy just nails them. He won a Grammy with his first release and this one has been played probably 6 times through since Tuesday.

  • Zach

    This week I’ve been listening to Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans. Not new, but fantastic imagery. I cannot recommend this album highly enough.

    Re: Mumford & Sons’ sophomore album: there are some great live recordings of some of their new songs on YouTube. These have only heightened my expectations.

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