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Saturday Song – Remind Me Who I Am

My wife, Rochelle, introduced our girls to this song a few weeks ago, and shared it with me earlier this week. It’s Jason Gray’s Remind Me  Who I Am.”

At the heart of the song’s message is a prayer to God to remind the pray-er of God’s intense, special, and undying love for them. We live in a world that frequently tells us that we need to be more; that we need to be “-ER” – smartER, richER, fastER, prettiER, skinnER, etc….And when we finally reach our “ER” goals, we want to be “EST” – smartEST, richEST, prettiEST – and it’s never ending. We can never be everything everyone else tells us we need to be.

But God…

But God comes in and calls us beloved, chosen, and lavished with love. It’s songs like this that bring us back to the simple truth that God adores us. As Jason Gray says, “I’m the One You love, I’m the One You love, That will be enough, I’m the One You Love.”

Does anything about this song speak to you? How do you remind yourself of God’s extraordinary love for you?

  • Gloria Killeen

    I love this song and have been listening to it for about six months now, maybe a little longer. Listening to songs like this one is one of the main ways that I remind myself of who I am in God. I listen to KLOVE on a regular basis. Being in His Word regularly is another. Connecting truthfully and openly with His children is another way.
    Jason Gray recogonizes in this song that God loves each one of us as an individual! That is an awesome thought! And one in which, as the song suggests ,that we need to cling to.

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