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What’s Your Hurricane? Find Your Purpose.

Have you  noticed how the good folks over at The Weather Channel get far too excited about hurricanes! You’ve seen them. Jim Cantore, standing in boots, winds gusting while reeds sway in the background. Alexandra Steele covering the action with eyes glistening. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were giddy about some beach city on the verge of destruction.
Why are they so exhilarated?

They live for hurricanes!

This is what they got in the biz for; why they went to school. 85-degrees and partly cloudy doesn’t quicken the pulse quite like a Cat 5. So when there’s a tropical depression turned tropical storm turned hurricane, it’s no wonder that they go nut-burgers when the tempests begin to rage.

So what’s your hurricane? Do you have one?

What is it that gets you going, charges you up, quickens your pulse & brings light to your soul? As I wrote previously, nerds are leading us because they have a disproportionate interest in something. If you don’t have a hurricane, I want to suggest that you spend the next year of your life finding out what it is and doing it. My wife routinely spends time jotting lists of things that she likes. She does this as an exercise in hurricane hunting. And once you find your hurricane, you need to go chase it.

Rearrange what you need to rearrange. Adjust what you need to adjust.

Buy what you need to buy. Move where you need to go.
As St. Irenaeus teaches us, “The glory of God is a (person) fully alive.”

Trust me, the best thing you can do for yourself, your spouse, and your children is to live  in the center of your hurricane. Your life has a mission. Whatever else you’re doing is off mission.

I know that life has seasons. And you can’t do everything at once. I’m a realist. At the same time, I know this: If you’re not doing something everyday to move you toward your hurricane, you’re slowly dying inside.

This is the way God made us.

Go find your hurricane.

  • All the ADD people in the house shout, “Amen!”

    Are you doing a study of the life of Samson?

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