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Increasing Artistry & What Is Normal?

This weekend my family and I worshipped with our friends at Ecclesia Houston and rejoiced in the full release of The Voice Bible: Step Into the Story of Scripture. In addition to reconnecting with our friend Chris Seay and being led in worship by Robbie Seay, we heard our new favorite poet, Micah Bournes. In fact, we became such fans that I wanted to share his work here in the hopes that you will seek him out, purchase his poetry and music, and invite him to worship at your congregation. I’ve written before about the place of artistry in the church and this is an awesome example of it’s purpose and power.

Since Micah’s words speak for themselves, I will add little commentary, only to say that for people like me and my daughters, this is an exceptionally good poem.


  • Cynthia Coyle

    Wow! Loved this Sean! Thanks for sharing. she said laughing….”he’s just not ‘normal'” He is extraordinary! 😀

  • Chris

    Thanks for this video. A great message there. I started looking for more of his stuff and really liked this one called “Church Is”.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I checked out his website and listened to some of his work…a very talented man of God.

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