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Saturday Song – Where The Streets Have No Name

Where The Streets Have No Name  by U2 is one of my favorite songs. It is spiritually, theologically, and sociologically deep. Tomorrow at 10:15 am in Temple, TX, we launch The Vine Church and this will be our feature song. It is a kind of prayer for where we want to go as community of faith. If you’re in the Central, TX are, join us. You won’t regret it.

What songs are speaking to you about the Kingdom of God?

  • Sean, congratulations and blessings on your first Sunday at The Vine. Several on the staff at MCOC have been following you and we are praying and rooting for this church to be a light for Christ there in Temple.

    WTSHNN is my favorite song of all time. The song has it all, what a great song to open up a new community of faith. Right now the song that’s speaking to me about the Kingdom of God is a song by The Shins called – “No Way Down” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4t8_aQxM2Y

    When I heard this line from the song for the first time it jumped up and slapped me in the face! And it’s stayed with me all week long.

    “Make me a drink,
    strong enough
    to wash away the dishwater world
    they said was lemonade.”

    • You’re dead on. One of the greatest pop songs of the last 40 years.

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