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Win The Voice Bible By Naming the Band @ The Vine Church

Our band needs a name. And you can win some cool stuff!


The band at The Vine, led by Chris Payne, is AWESOME – but they don’t have a name yet. We want you to help us, so we’re having a “Name The Band” Contest. The winner will receive a copy of the recently released full version of The Voice Bible: Step Into the Story of Scripture signed by Chris Seay and yours truly (see video).

Here’s what you need to do to win:

  • Leave a name suggestion in the comments section.
Plus 1 of the Following – and I’ll be checking ;-).
  1. Tweet: “I entered to win The Voice Bible by naming  the band at @thevinetemple. Go to www.thepalmerperspective.com to find out more. #nametheband.”
  2. SUBSCRIBE to this blog in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Link this page on your Facebook Wall

It’s that simple. The competition ends Friday, April 27 @ midnight.



  • Terry Rascoe

    Sean, Looks like a fun and creative way to keep the momentum going. Thanks for all you do!

    Chris-Cross (thought it sounded better than Chris and the Royal Paynes)

  • Terry Rascoe

    Sean. The high fructose creative juices continue to flow…more name suggestions:

    Cross Fire
    i witness
    BFF (building faithful followers)

  • Zach

    I (half-jokingly) think they should be The Branches. This is only because it opens up the possibilty of Chris saying, “This is The Vine and we are The Branches.”


    • Chris Payne




  • Band name Grafted

  • Cynthia R Coyle

    Well, I can’t say I know what works (at all) for a band name, but I know I feel inspired when I come to church and hear them. So…naturally…”Inspiration” would be my pick. Not creative by any stretch, but the feeling I have.

    Also, I guess I’ll have to follow your tweets, as I already get your updates in my mailbox, and I follow you and The Vine on FB.

    Happy Thursday, Sean!

  • Tiffany R. Bloom

    Name the band Tiffany R. Bloom…that is the best name to name anything…ever! Seriously, that should be the name of the band.

  • Addison Weaver

    More Than Paupers

  • Kenneth Dujay

    I’m telling you, Midget Samurai! It inspires, it invokes fear, it makes me want to meet my maker.

  • Jesse

    I’m sticking with the fire theme:

    offering by fire

    fire on the altar

    seven lamps

  • Great suggestion – except maybe you, Tiffany :-). You all are in the lead since most people failed to follow the directions and have left suggestions on Twitter, Facebook, and through e-mail. Keep them coming.

  • Paul Mathis

    The Second Time Band


    The Second Timers

    Based on my love of Jonah 3:1

  • Addison Weaver

    “Palmer and the Paynefish”, w/ worship hits such as ‘Hold His Hand’ and ‘Only Wanna Be With You’

  • Rochelle

    Chris Cross only works if they wear their clothes backwards.
    Jump! Jump!

  • Briana Holland

    Names for the band:

    Endless Hope
    The Right Direction
    One Step Closer
    Seven Days

    That’s all I got. Not very original sounding, but those were the first that popped into my head.

  • Rick Holland

    This is Briana but my dad’s idea. He doesn’t get on the computer and our phones don’t let us comment on websites so I’m putting his idea on here. He came up with these names:

    Sacred Heart
    Heaven’s Angels

    Hope these were helpful. He doesn’t know I submitted these yet but I guess he’ll find out later.

  • Donna Fentanes

    My suggestions are:


    Unearthed Vessels

    Branching Out

    Quenching Thirst

  • Andy

    The Bridge

  • Ben


    Fishers of men (this is an old acappella bands name, that has been dissolved)

  • daryl

    Heart Service
    Climbing Glory
    Heart Melody
    Joyful Hearts
    Joyful Revalators

    The Greatful Praise Band (i know, I Know)

    Joyful Noise

  • Kathryn Worrall


    Grateful Song

    Heart Strings


  • Terry Rascoe

    Thought of an additional name- it’s a play off of another name submitted but with a twist:

    Olive Branch – universally seen as a symbol of peace and in the Bible was symbolic for God’s provision/salvation in the Noah story. Early Christians used a dove holding an olive branch. It, of course, continues the The Vine symbolism as well.

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