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We Named Our Band!

The Vine Church has one of the best bands I have ever been around. There is no challenge – vocally or musically – that I have given them that they have not met.  When you worship with us at The Vine you may be treated to God-honoring music that you won’t hear anywhere else – at least not yet.

Seemingly each week God empowers us to do something we’ve never done before. Even to my own surprise, I walked into worship two weeks ago and saw a cello.  I heard that cello played during communion as our fellowship was treated to a beautiful original song written by Chris Payne.

Our band is only one of the reasons I love The Vine.  I am privileged to preach to a church I would choose to attend (even if I were not the minister).  Praise God!

A Rose By Any Other Name


A few weeks ago we asked you to help us name our band. As a reward I offered a copy of The Voice Bible signed by me and Chris Seay. And the suggestions flooded in – here, on facebook, twitter, in text messages, everywhere. We had over 70 suggestions. Here are some of the suggestions we received. Some are serious, some are jokes, and some are cheesy! I’ll let you decided which is which. (For many of the names it’s important to remember that the name of the church is The Vine.)

  • Wings of Eagles
  • Grapes of Wrath
  • Grafted
  • Fire on The Altar
  • Chris & The Royal Paynes
  • Strange Fire
  • 728B
  • Cross Fire
  • Heaven’s Angels
  • Hard Pressed
  • New Creation
  • Renew
  • Adoration
  • And a whole lot more.
The final decision for the band’s name was made through a 3-stage process: (1) Chris Payne & I omitted any names we did not like. During this phase, other leaders at our church communicated with us names they would prefer we not use (i.e. “Strange Fire,” etc…). (2) The “wife-elimination” round. Here, my wife, Rochelle Palmer, and Chris’ wife, Emily, eliminated names they didn’t care for (i.e. “The Chris Payne Experience,” “Emily & The Machine,” etc…) and finally (3) the band met and voted on  a name without any knowledge of the sources of the suggestions.
The name for our band is (drumroll)…:

31st & Vine


The winner of The Voice Bible will be notified today.
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. Stay tuned, because I believe God is going to use this group of musicians, singers, and artists to His glory is the years to come. You’ll be glad that you were with us from the very beginning!
  • I was hoping for:

    Payne & Suffering

    As We Stand and Sing

    or Rizzoli & Isles (any occasion to celebrate the acting stylings of the lovely Angie Harmon should taken captive. That woman is a national treasure and a native Texan. Her work alongside the unflappable Detective Lenny Briscoe of the 27th Precinct is also noteworthy. I digress…)

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