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A lot of blogs are changing. The reason? Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, launched last week. People all over are relaunching and redesigning their blogs and social media presence.

I’ve been considering changes too. In the last four months, since I relaunched this blog, the traffic has increased to nearly 4x’s as much as it was before. There’s still something lacking, in my opinion. That something? Intense focus.

As a guy with a lot of interests, focusing has been hard for me, but it is necessary to better serve you better. In response to a recent survey, I’ve decided to narrow my focus. And I can’t do it without you.

I want this space to reflect on two different themes – creativity and reconciliation. An odd brew, I know. It may not be helpful, but those topics interests me and you (given the survey responses) most.  Therefore, I’m tinkering with the idea of re-branding. My friend, Chris Payne mocked up 4 new headers and I want your feedback.

In the comments section below,  tell me which one you like best. Leave me the number (1,2, or 3) and tell me why you like it.

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Option #1

Option #1

Option #2

Option #2

Option #3

Option #3

Tell me what you think. Leave comments in the comment section ONLY!!  

  • I like #2 best. Not sure if red is the color you’re looking for, but that’s just me. I like the balance of three colors in #2.

  • 3. The white of the SP draws more attention than the red, but I like the little bit of red in palmer to add a punch of color.

  • Adrienne Fike

    I vote for option #2. The red is very eye-catching.

  • zack blaisdell

    Sean, i vote for #2.

  • Kevin Williams

    Option 1.

  • SBL

    Sorry – I’m not a huge fan of these: a) The ‘S’ – while (eventually) obviously for your name – doesn’t reflect the title of the blog (would TPP make more sense?), b) I was hoping for something depicting/suggesting reconciliation/creativity (not that designing a logo in itself isn’t creative, mind you), and c) The strength of your current masthead, in my opinion, is that it suggests an outward focus/engagement – whereas a straight-up logo seems more inward/’corporatey’ to me.

    Here’s to everything coming together for you.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. A few words about going with “SP” over “TPP”. The first, and most dominant reason, is that “Sean Palmer” is the search term most frequently leading people to this site. I’ve tried repeatedly to buy the domain seanpalmer.com, to no avail. I wish I could. Since folks were looking for “Sean Palmer” rather than “The Palmer Perspective” it works better for identification. Second, I LOVE the current masthead, but feedback from readers told me that it was difficult to see what the picture was. It’s entirely possible that I will keep it.

      Also, branding folks say that “RED” is an action color. I want to help people create and do things, so I want action associated with it.

      I appreciate the feedback. Nothing has been decided. That’s why I asked. Keep your thoughts coming.

      • SBL

        Thanks – you too! (Such a drag, btw, that you can’t get your mitts on a website with your own name. Gah!)

  • rhesa

    #3…I like the touch of red to make your name stand out.

  • Kathryn Worrall

    #3….all black and white except for the living part…YOU…in red.

  • 3. 2 is nice, but I think I like 3 best.

  • Carol Valenti

    #2. It caught my eye immediately. They say you shouldn’t overthink it. Your first choice is usually the best one.

  • Sean,
    I struggled with the “SP” for a few minutes. Literally, I was asking what does “SP” stand for? Funny, huh? Then I read your comment that it’s your initials! It doesn’t work. Sorry.

    Yes, red is an action color. Red and black are a nice Chinese combination. But your theme is creativity and reconciliation. These colors don’t achieve either of those themes. Cooler colors elicit creativity… not red.

    You need more options than what you’ve been given. You need more variety than the 3 options above.

    • Tell me more about that. Lots of mentions of the red and the initials. What do you think would work better, Russ? When you see the current masthead people don’t immediately think “Sean Palmer.” What would help achieve that? None of the current options are mandatory, but there are things I like about them. Help me out.

  • DeJon


    It’s sleek with contrast, classical and confident.
    Throwing red in there seems eager and the effect is minimizing.

    I’m an American! I will always be ready with an opinion.

  • DeJon

    Also, FWIW, I approve of the SP logo.
    It seems to riff on another strong logo.

  • I vote for #3, at first I liked #2 but only because I like red. Then I realized it drew the attention away from “palmer” and I spent a full thirty seconds staring at the ball and pondering what “sp” meant. Duh! For someone new to your sight who does not know you, you probably would not want that.

  • Cynthia Coyle

    #2. love it.

  • Steve

    #3. Visually, like the TOUCH of red; but not the preponderance of it.

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