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How Clear Is Your Mission?

Mission statements and organizational structure should be simpleclear, and easy.

That anxiety you feel, the sense that you’re running hard and getting nowhere, your life doesn’t have to be that way. You, your team, and organization can wake up each morning with clearer goals. When that happens, you will feel much more joy and enthusiasm about life. 

At The Vine Church our elders and leadership team are constantly focusing on how we can increase our focus on a few key areas and release ourselves and congregation from ministries and events that are typical, but off target for where we want to go.

We ask: How can we narrow our focus to increase our impact and allegiance to our mission. Most congregations will never do that. They will overeat at the ministry table.

Many will push back saying, “What about retreats, women’s days, pancake breakfasts, monthly service projects, fellowship dinners, etc…?” Well, we have those, but they arise out our core behaviors and are infrequent. As Jim Collins points out, organizations that do more than three things, do a lot poorly. We have deliberately chosen to focus. If you ask our members they will tell you not only our mission, but how we do our mission – they are the same thing.  After they recite our mission statement they can tell you our strategy: “Rooted in God, Growing in Christ, Reaching The World”.  It’s that simple, that clear, that easy.

In contrast, I sat in a board meeting not long ago. It was not unlike many board meetings I’ve been in throughout the years.  No one in the room could tell me either the mission nor the strategy of the organization. Everyone wanted the organization to grow, do more, and have a greater impact on the community, but no one knew what impact or how they were trying to do it. This kind of organizational vagueness is rampant in non-profit organizations and churches, but riddle me this: If you can’t articulate a compelling reason for the existence of your organization, why would anyone else wish to be a part of it?

Tell me. How does mission and vision work in your organization?

  • Provocative post! I just finished reading Church Unique by Will Mancini… same idea. I gather that Simple Church by Rainer et al is makes a similar point.

    I think it’s a vital idea. May God bless your efforts to implement it!!

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