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Headed to Echo 2012

I’m heading to Dallas for the Echo 2012 Conference. Rob Thomas, ACU classmate and owner of RT Creative Group which owns and runs the EchoHub, invited me and graciously hooked me up with free registration. How could I say no? Echo is designed for “artists, geeks, and storytellers.” I’m not sure which Rob thinks I am, but I’m excited nonetheless.

I’m extremely exited about the resurgence of artists as communicators of the gospel. This fall at The Vine, we’re hosting our first ever “Rhythm” weekend. Over one weekend we’ll showcase slam poetry, photography, music, and film. Like the building and furnishing of the tabernacle in Exodus, artists and crafts people are near the center of communicating the story of God. Unfortunately, many churches have sidelined artists (and geeks). There is little (by which I mean “none”) dance, poetry, original music, and lyric or spoken word. Our neglect has left us with 2-dimensional communications in a 3-dimensional word. But I believe that a creative God wants us leverage all of our gifts for His glory.

If that’s the case, what artistic expressions would you like to see in your community of faith? What gifts do you have that you’d like to express as worship?

Tell us in the comments and help pastors communicate more effectively.



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