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If you feel bored in church, it’s probably because no one in your church knows about Echo Conference.

Echo is for church creatives and communication folks; artists, geeks, and storytellers. The conference is hosted by the RT Creative Group – which you might know from their incredible work through Igniter Media.

I was lucky enough to spend 3 days at Echo12 learning from and fellowshipping with some of the best creative minds in the church, courtesy of the Echo Leadership Team (God blessed me with very cool friends.)

This is what I liked:

  • Practitioners Only. Both the presenters and participants were practitioners of their crafts. The people teaching had skins on the wall as service program coordinators, poets, storytellers, movie-makers, worship leaders, and writers. I loved the fact that many of the speakers weren’t merely “platform builders”. They were men and women who weren’t selected because of long-past accomplishment or their ability to drive registrations (tickets), but because they had a genuine and useful offering for the contemporary church. It was great to hear from so many Christian people who weren’t trying to sell me something.
  • Diverse Communication. As someone who appreciates most forms of artistry, I recognize I make my living primarily with words. At The Vine, we’re deliberate about music, video, and other forms of art, but I need reminders regarding the power of diverse communication. Most congregations only communicate with words. No one else – movies, music, television, etc…is that limited. It’s the reasons people are more interested their messages than yours – it’s more interesting!
  • Wow! As I listened to several worship planners unpack services they put together this past year, I was blown away by the possibilities – possibilities that I would have never considered or even thought possible. In your congregation, almost anything can be done – truly. Don’t limit your imagine, give yourself space to plan and give yourself permission to create Wow! experiences for your members and guest.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning. My favorite class was Rob Thomas’ workshop on making mini-movies. I haven’t made a movie if nearly four years, yet what Rob said, I found extremely helpful for the task of preaching. This was the single greatest blessing from Echo! As someone who tells stories each week, it was helpful to me to hear from another story-teller, who works a different medium, share how beautiful, humorous, and inspiring stories are told. Two things happen at The Vine Church each week; I preach a sermon and we see one of Rob’s mini-movies.

Whether you see yourself as a creative person or not, you should consider attending Echo13 next year. It’ll be worth your time and effort and your church will be blessed by it.


  • I would enjoy learning more about Echo13. Please feel free to give me more information. Thanks! ~~C.

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