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Permission Ain’t Walkin’

Permission ain’t walking through that door. Quit waiting for it. You’ll never have it, never get it, and never own it. No one will ever give you permission. The world’s reflex is to “shhh.” 

The dream that has lodged in your heart; the ambition to bring life and create won’t ever be nurtured by someone else. Nothing you create will ever be appreciated…until you create it. Until then, your creativity will be opposed and stifled. Why?

You Are The Only Permission You Need

Creativity Implies.

Like most folks, I’ve sat through more staff meetings than I’d care to count. Five minutes into a brainstorming staff meeting, one of my co-workers once looked at me and said, “I know we need to do some new things, but I’ve been a part of this church a long time. And every time you say we need to do something new or differently, I feel defensive. Like I can talk about my family, but you can’t.” Notwithstanding the implication that one of us was and one of us wasn’t “family,” the implications of creativity and innovation were on display.

The moment you decide to do something differently, to color outside the lines, to re-imagine, you will be opposed. For someone, somewhere you’re suggesting that the way it is or the way it was was wrong.

Your creations, your desire to generate something fresh and meaningful implies they missed something.

Some life.
Some beauty.
Some loveliness.

No one likes that feeling.

But Waiting For Permission Is Worse

If you’re waiting for permission you will never fulfill the God-given ambition rustling inside you. One day, perhaps when you are  60, you’ll wake up and feel tired. Weary. Unfulfilled. Your friends will wonder if you’re clinically depressed. They’ll whisper about you over breakfast at the coffeeshop and exchange knowing glances when you’re not looking. But they’ll be wrong.

What you’ll feel is not depression. You’ll feel wasted.

You will have wasted your meaning, your why. Imagine living your entire life and never smiling. This happens to people who strain the imagination out of life. Quit waiting for permission!

It’s not simply that waiting for permission keeps you from crafting beauty – it keeps you from being you. And you’re running out of time.

Just Create

Write that out-of-the-box sermon.

Paint the walls purple and orange.

Wear checks and horizontal stripes together.

Be you….Whatever that is, be you.

You were made for something. You can’t wait for permission.

Permission ain’t walkin’ through the door.


  • Love this post! I am giving myself permission…starting…NOW!

    • Love it! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  • J. Boanerges

    Mr. Palmer (Brother), Thank you for fulfilling your portion and listening obediently to the Blessed Holy Spirit!

    May the Holy Father continue to bless you, yours and all you do in His name.

    J (your brother in the Lord)

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