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Is Religion Going to Kill Us?

Religious violence may kill us all.

As you are surely aware, two weeks ago, a firestorm was set off when a Florida “pastor” promoted a bigoted movie entitled, “Innocence of Muslims.” As a result, four American were murdered in Libya. Obviously, one man’s movie is never a reason for murder, but the happenings of the last two weeks reveal what we all fear: Some people, using religion as a motivator, resort to violence when offended.

This is both misguided and devastating, but it is the case nonetheless.

My friend, Brian McLaren recently released a book about this very thing,Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.

Many of us will disagree with some of Brian’s conclusions, but, I think, he sets the table nicely for a distinctly Christian way toward engagement.

Here’s  a clip of Brian talking about it.

Share with us. What Concerns Do You Have About Inter-Religious Partnerships?


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