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“Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women”  is my first e-book. I couldn’t be more excited. And I want to give it to you for FREE. (**Details at the end of this post.**)

Why You Need to Get ‘Scandalous’

Have you ever walked into a movie halfway through? If you pay close attention, you can piece together the plot. Most movies are formulaic enough that puzzling together narratives isn’t all that difficult.

But what about stories that are more complex? Much more complex.

That’s the issue with the birth of Jesus. And though we celebrate it every Advent, few of us grasp its depth.  That’s where Scandalous comes in.

In Scandalous we’ll examine Matthew One and the genealogy of Jesus. The list of names presented there tells us more than we know about Jesus — who Jesus is, why Jesus is coming, and what it says about us. In particular, Scandalous examines five people in the line of Jesus – five women.

Sadly, women are often overlooked in society and the church.  Scandalous shows us why we need to change it. In Scandalous, you will discover powerful, beautiful truths about both God and yourself.

What Others Are Saying About ‘Scandalous’:

Convinced that our theological convictions about the role of women in the church have muted the stories of heroic women of faith, Sean Palmer gives voice to five of those women in Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption from Unlikely Women. Sean retells the often overlooked stories of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary, ultimately showing that their stories are our stories, if only we are willing to hear them. He combines wisdom, humor, and a knack for story-telling to show us just how much these women can teach us about God’s faithfulness, about trusting God, and about redemption. Sean is right: “When you miss the women, you miss the gospel.”
Heather Gorman, Assistant Professor, New Testament, Johnson University

If you’ve ever passed over the genealogy of Matthew just to get to the “good stuff” you have missed the storyline where Jesus enters into the world through all kinds of people who give us hope, including some of the women highlighted. Sean Palmer uses deep study and a vibrant perspective to uncover the scandal of Jesus’ genealogy. We have long told the gospel through male eyes only and yet these women listed in Matthew not only give us a fresh look at the Messiah, but also gives us a needed look at how women are a crucial piece to the gospel story and Sean Palmer leads us there all the way. This is not just a great read, but a must read. Enjoy! — Michael Mercer, Senior Minister, University Church of Christ, Conway, AR.

This book is not fundamentally about any doctrinal dispute. Rather, it enters into the lives of some of the women in scripture with intensity, intelligence, and clarity. We see the women in Jesus’ genealogy in a fresh light. From the perspective of a preacher who has lived with a tension created by his love for the church of his childhood and his love for the many women in his life, we see these stories with a meaningful realism that allows them to help shape our hearts. If you value being shaped by the stories of God’s people, then this book is for you. — Kraig Martin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harding University

In Scandalous, Sean Palmer takes us for a walk in the shoes of women he has both known and studied about. He challenges us to understand the true role of the women found in the genealogy of Jesus. Reading this book will not only provoke introspection, it will change the lens that you view these and other women in your life. Weaving tales of the Bible together with his own life stories, Sean Palmer gives us an easy read that leaves a new found appreciation planted in your heart for the scandalous women often overlooked or passed over in Matthew. Want to see the world from a different perspective? Read Scandalous. – Chris Payne, Award Winning Outdoor Adventure Author and Song Writer

Scandalous is an important book for all Christians. Sean Palmer focuses on the stories of five women Matthew includes in Jesus’ genealogy. From the lives of these five women, we find insights into the heart of God and the love He has for His children. My hope and prayer is that Christians everywhere, women and men, will take the lessons of these women to heart.”- Darin Campbell, Church Communications & Social Media Strategist

My friend Sean Palmer says things that need to be said. It’s not always comfortable, but it always leads me to a deeper appreciation for the kindness, mercy and grace of God. Read him at your own risk. – John Alan Turner, Speaker, Author, Church Consultant & Resident Theologian

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**REMEMBER: You don’t have to own an e-reader to read ‘Scandalous.‘ It will download as a PDF or you can enjoy it using the free Kindle Reading App.**

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