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Crossing the Finish: Finding The Means to Reach Your Goals

Everyone wants to reach their goals, but few do.

Since posting a message about goals a few weeks ago, I’ve fielded lots of calls, texts, and email from people wondering what my goals for 2013 are and how I go about reaching them. We all know how tough accomplishing big goals is. Some of us have already abandoned those “must do” New Year’s Resolutions we made just a little time ago.

Yet, without goals our lives flounder. If we aim at nothing, we’ll hit nothing. If we don’t assign and chart where we’ll going, we’ll end up going nowhere. But how do we go about reaching those goals and crossing the finish line?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get Out of Bed. Many of us could reach our goals more easily if we got our tails out of bed. Rochelle and I wake up around 5:15 am. Most of those mornings are filled by exercising, Bible reading, or posting this blog…and lots of coffee drinking. Most people are already so busy that we feel that we can’t add anything more. But what would happen if you had an extra hour or two. Believe it or not, you can become a morning person. Your love of late nights is not a permanent position.
  2. Go To Bed. You probably stay up later than you need to – sorry. Frequently, your time spent late at night is not productive. You really don’t need to catch The Daily Show or Letterman. That rerun of Criminal Minds will be on again. Set a bed time, stick to up, and wake up ready to go.
  3. Exercise. We need to think differently about exercise. Exercising is not always a goal in itself; it’s frequently a means to reach your goals.  When you exercise regularly – regardless of your fitness level – you’ll feel stronger, have greater mental clarity, reduce tension and stress in your body, and increase your energy. Those benefits make meeting your goals much easier.
  4. Read Your Bible and Journal. Again, many people envision Bible reading as a goal. It is not.   It is a practice that gives clarity and grounding to everything else you’re doing. Your best goals are connected to whom God created you to be and what God created you to do. Your goals are most wisely discerned with a commitment of being in the Word of God. This year I’m using  The One Year Bible Compact Edition NLT and I love it. I race to spend my time reading and then use the journal to reflect on insights and questions.
  5. No Excuses. I recently heard a photographer/model talk about how she stays in shape. It was terribly simple. She said, “I eat right and exercise everyday. No excuses.” As simple as it sounds, I was blown away by it. Whether you’re learning a new skill, writing a book, launching a blog, whatever…the most important thing you can do is show up and do the work. No excuses.
  6. Enlist Help. I don’t publish my goals…to everyone. I have people who know my writing goals, my church leadership team knows our church goals, other friends know my speaking goals, my wife knows my physical and financial goals, but no one person knows them all. I share my goals to enlist accountability in reaching them because research shows that for many people, simply sharing their goals  gives them the same emotional fulfillment as actually meeting them. Don’t feel good about your goals…accomplish them.

Remember, goals are reached over time. The work comes first, then the results; roots before fruits. But once you stand at the pinnacle of reaching your goals, you’ll be amazed at how proud you will feel, and how grateful to God you are.

Go do it.


  • Hi Sean. Why has it taken so long for me to follow your blog? I’m enjoying it very much. I’m inspired by the time you and Rochelle get up in the am because I aspire to be an earlier riser. Ok, just do it – is easy to say the night before and falls on the deaf and immovable body when the alarm goes off.

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