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Getting Past Disappointment

Don’t you hate feeling disappointed? I do.

This week I received news about my participation in a ministry that has meant a great deal to me over the past 13 years. They didn’t want me to do it anymore.

Truthfully, I saw it coming. It’s the same decision I would have made and counseled them to make if I’d been asked. Ultimately, the decision wasn’t about me…I think. Nevertheless, I was disappointed.

My disappointment was increased because I had a similar occurrence last week. Thanks, but no thanks, Sean. We’re going in a different direction.

Yet, both this week and last week, as doors were closing, bigger doors were opening. I was asked to participate in projects that had been long held dreams; goals I’d been working toward for years. As disappointed as I was, I had to face the reality that time and circumstance dictated that I could no longer do what I used to do and have time for new opportunities.


I had to embrace God’s redirection in my life.

Redirection is not always easy, but it is necessary. When staring in the face of disappointment, there are three questions that allow me to embrace God’s redirection.

  1. What Does This Make Possible?: If we’re no longer participating or providing a service in old ways, what can we do with our talent, time, and treasure? Something is now possible that wasn’t possible before.
  2. Which Dream Is Next?: Our bucket-lists should be long, but life is seasonal and we can’t do everything at once. When one season passes, it’s time to move on to the next season. Like a checklist, when one item is marked off, it’s time to move on to the next.
  3. Who Can I Bless?: In all things we are simply stewards. For a short amount of time, God has made us caretakers. None of us will live forever and someone else will ultimately fill our role. As we transition from one season of life to another, let’s bless the next person, group, orgeneration.

Life delivers disappointments. You don’t have to be told that. But many times, our disappointments overshadow what is actually happening: God is redirecting our lives in order to point us to something far more meaningful. Embrace it!

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Sean Palmer

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