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Let’s Quit

We should quit.

  • We should quit letting other, less artful and creative people give us their opinions all the time.
  • We should quit not offering our best out of fear that if our best is criticized we’ll have no more emotional excuses.
  • We should quit being cogs in someone else’s wheel.
  • We should quit telling ourselves our dreams are unreachable, silly, or unattainable.
  • We should quit acting like our gifts don’t matter.
  • We should quit acting like the name brands, celebrities, spotlight hogs, and household names are authorities.
  • We should quit allowing the least thoughtful and most venomous people hijack the conversation.


  • We should look to and listen for the people who “get it.”
  • We should produce our best. Everyday. Without fail.
  • We should craft and create the world we want and the lives we choose.
  • We should write down our dreams and goals and work everyday to make them happen.
  • We should make sure everyone knows why what we do matters; that we matter.
  • We should learn from others then chart a new path.
  • We should ignore poison and negativity and work for a better end.

You in?

  • It’s so encouraging to find people who “get it”! One of my dreams is to be that person who “gets it” for others. Great post!

  • This is so good. Practical. Thanks for refreshing my perspective

  • Cynthia R Coyle

    Thank you! I could share so much more, but Thank you takes care of it for today! (smiles)

  • Thanks Sean. Too few encouragers and far too many critics. Thanks for being on the light side of the force.

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